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The first bespoke search application to work with your social network data to deliver rapid, personalised and effortless results based on your immediate location (or a location of your choice).

Fido connects to your Facebook profile so that he can get an idea of the kind of thing you might look for in your ideal pub or bar

Fido scours the web for user reviews of the pubs and bars around you so that he can determine their individual characteristics (or so that he can find the perfect place that will fit you like a glove!)

Fido then puts all of this data together to recommend you the three venues in your local area he believes will closely match your tastes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does Fido need access to my Facebook account?

    Fido analyses your Facebook page to understand the kind of things you like or dislike so that he can make recommendations that are tailor made for you.

  • Who do you share my information with?

    No one else. We will only use your Facebook data to deliver the recommendations. None of your details are shared with any of the pubs or bars we reference, other users or any other parties.

  • Why does Fido sometimes tell me that there is a problem with my connection even though I have a good phone signal?

    Check that your phone doesn't think it is connected to a WiFi network that you don't have rights to. If this is the case turn your WiFi off.

  • Why doesn't Fido show me the pub/bar that I am standing next to?

    Fido is designed to show you the place that he thinks matches your preferences best. Sometimes that might not be the closest place to you. We will be adding to the number of places we cover in the near future.

  • Who is responsible for the Fido product?

    Fido has been developed by Mogul Labs, a London based mobile technology team

  • What do the numbers 1, 2 and 3 refer to on the results screen?

    This is the order which Fido believes the venues suit your tastes based on his interpretation of your Facebook data . The ring around the outside of the number indicates how closely the place is matched to your preference settings.

  • What do the red lines on the place dials indicate?

    The red lines indicate where your preference setting is for that particular value.

  • How have you determined the characteristics of the pubs and bars that Fido recommends?

    Fido uses a technology from Mogul Labs to analyse user reviews of these places and rate them on their degree of; luxury, price, trendiness, liveliness.

  • What does the "Fido generated profile" mean?

    The Fido generated profile reflects the aspects he believes you would look or when choosing a pub or bar.

  • What does it mean when my Fido generated profile is set to off?

    This means that you did not enable Fido to access your Facebook profile when you set up the app or that the preference settings have been individually adjusted after your profile was created.

  • How do I create a Facebook based profile if I skipped that step when I set up the app?

    Access the settings screen via the top left cog icon and move the slider switch to on. This will start the Facebook connection process; sometimes this takes a minute or so to load so please be patient! You will be able to use other aspects of the app or indeed other apps while your profile is created.

  • Why are some images not of the actual place?

    We are still building our library of places and data so in some cases we will use stock images until we have the correct version. We would be over the moon to receive contributions of appropriate images.

  • How can I get a new place added to Fido?

    Sniff us out at with the name, address, phone number and, if possible, an image and where you think your venue should rank in our ratings (1=low, 5=high) on the four Fido values; luxury, price, trendiness, liveliness.

  • How can I report an error with the app or with a place?

    Tell us about it at and we will do our best to fix it.

About Fido

Fido’s quest is to simplify search and help you get the most out of your mobile device. By connecting to your Facebook data Fido is able to personalise your search results effortlessly. Fido understands The Power of Now. When you’re out and about and looking or places to go you need answers at lightning speed.

Fido suggests 3 venues that should suit your tastes based on his understanding of your Facebook data (you are able to manually adjust your settings if you wish).

The technology behind Fido is the Perceptive Search® engine. Using a combination of semantic analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning this engine analyses user generated data related to people, places and objects and assigns them characteristics. These characteristics are what Fido uses to come up with perfect places for you to perch.

London-based Mogul labs have developed both the Fido app and the Perceptive Search® engine.

Mogul Labs are committed to creating unique user-centred solutions. Trust, reliability and usefulness are at the heart of everything they do. The team at Mogul Labs have a wealth of experience across mobile technology, web development and advanced data analytics. We love to talk (about all things) mobile so please do get in touch with us via to discuss Perceptive Search®, Fido or anything mobile tech related!


To report any issues with the app please mail us at

Alternatively if you’d like to talk about the technology behind Fido or anything else related to mobile search please visit or contact us at Mogul Labs HQ.